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Still working on what proper private practice looks like for me, given the limitations of the space I have. Poured libations at dawn (technically that would have been 15 Simanu) and at as close to local lunar noon as I could figure, for Shapshu and Shamash in the first place and for Yarikhu, Nanna-Sin, and Selune in the second. In the second case, ended up getting effectively a gesa to finish the organizational work I've already been tasked with; I guess the lunar gods think it's a good idea.

Have mostly been focusing my practice around my two primary matrons lately. Not that I'm any less interested in doing broader, cross-pantheonic work, just that this has felt more like time for deepening existing relationships rather than forming new ones.

The Syrio-Levantine and Mesopotamian deities seem to be oddly fond of cheap red wine. This is fine with me; it means libations won't ever break the bank. (In one instance Hadad asked for a shot of Jack, but that was a special case.) I need to work on proper incenses, though.
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Paraphrasing @papapishu over on Twitter: Celebrate May Day as our foreparents did, by joining/strengthening our unions and by dancing a properly phallic Maypole!

There is something about putting on body glitter and a tie-dyed dress with a couple of holes/snags that is a size too large for you that makes one want to not do anything for the rest of the day. Or, at least, nothing that does not involve rather a lot of skin-to-skin contact. Alas, the Secondary had a gig this evening and no one appears to be doing a Maypole. (I don't know what the CUUPs group is doing, but I can't deal with UU internal politics anymore. CMA has enough internal politics to last me for years.)


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