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Location:Texas, United States of America
Omorka is a high school math teacher who remembers having been a dragon long ago. Her hometown is a tiny city of 20,000 in the Deep South, but she escaped to Houston to attend college and never left. She is Pagan, bisexual, and polyamorous, and is still somewhat in the closet with respect to that last one, as the educational establishment tends not to approve (she used to be closeted about the first two; fortunately, times have changed since she joined the profession). She tries to be at least somewhat active in the Pagan and GLBT communities anyway. Other than the obvious ones of mathematics, religion, and sexuality (which she sees as all being interconnected), her other interests include cooking, feminism, music, books (including fantasy fiction and SF), RPGs, gardening, and various forms of fibercrafts. Preferred pronouns are she/her/hers or they/them/theirs.

I'm a second-generation gamer and fan. I'm a multifan and a retrofan - I don't give up old ones when I pick up new ones. I am unreasonably proud of how old some of my fandoms are, so bear with me on that. Recently, I've become interested in costuming, although it's too early to see if this is yet another aspect of my fibercraft obsession slopping over into my fandom obsessions, or if it's just a passing fancy.

While this journal is not friends-only, more than half of my entries are friends-locked for various reasons. Anyone is welcome to friend me, but if I don't already know who you are, it's a good idea to comment on one of the public entries if you want me to friend you back. And please don't be too offended if I still don't - I can only handle reading so many posts per day during the workweek.

I am a crafter (I won't say creator) of derivative works. On occasion, I write fanfic. Generally speaking, it can be found under the same username over on AO3.

And a little cosmic wisdom, from a too-little-known movie, "The Impostors":

People are afraid of war, of poverty, of pestilence, of not knowing who they are or what they want, of dogs -

And I say don't! Don't fear these things! They're not real!

Do you know what's real? Do you know what to fear?

Love. Fear Love. Love is Real, and it is terrifying.

If you want to be afraid, be afraid when someone says . . . "I love you."

Interests (149):

advanced placement, alloparenting, atop the fourth wall, auras, baking, beading, bisexuality, books, brows held high, bryce lynch, captain jack harkness, chanting, chants, chaos, chaos theory, chez apocalypse, classroom management, clergy, cma, compersion, cooking, crocheting, dance, dancing, deities, divination, doctor who, douglas fargo, dragons, education, egon spengler, emotion, empathy, environment, environmentalism, eros, ethics, eureka, fanfic, fantasy, feminism, fibercrafting, firefly, fractals, gaming, gardening, gemstones, gender, gender issues, generations, ghostbusters, gifted and talented, giftedness, glbt issues, gurps, harry potter, herbalism, herbs, humanism, hypercubes, instruction, intelligence, jewelry making, kink, knitting, lager rhythms, larp, larping, learning, linguistics, logic, logos, lord of the rings, mad science, magick, math, mathematics, max headroom, memeweaving, metaphysics, micky dolenz, monkees, msms, music, mythology, mythos, names, naming, neopaganism, otherkin, owlcon, paganism, panentheism, pansexuality, paradox, pedagogy, perfumery, phil foglio, physics, polyamory, polytheism, polytheology, priestesses, psivamps, reading, religion, retrogaming, rice university, ritual, ritual design, role-playing games, roleplaying, rpgs, sapiosexuality, science fantasy, science fiction, sex, sexology, sexuality, singing, smallworld, spirits, spirituality, star control 2, star trek, statistics, tarot, tea, teaching, thaumatology, thaumaturgy, the captain, the doctor, the real ghostbusters, thealogy, theology, therianthropes, theurgy, they might be giants, todd in the shadows, torchwood, trance states, weird al, wicca, wisdom, worldbuilding, worldreading, writing, xxxenophile
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