Jul. 24th, 2016

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Just got an object lesson in why I need to use the walking stick and yes, I really am mildly mobility-impaired even if I just look fat.

I was trying to walk quickly around the block to catch an Arbok when my left foot came down where the sidewalk suddenly wasn't. I felt the momentary shock of there was supposed to be pavement there followed by the slightly sick sensation of that ankle starting to turn as only one part of the edge of the foot hit dirt, and then the foot of the stick hit the ground right where it was supposed to and I got my foot right back out of the hole. Didn't fall, didn't turn the ankle; probably would have done both if I hadn't had the stick for stability. I can feel that I stretched a ligament on one side of the ankle a little further than it really wanted to be stretched, but it's not painful, just a little uncomfortable.

So yeah. Whatever damage the gout did to both feet and ankles is still bad enough I need to be a tripod, and the likelihood of that ever really going away is pretty low. And that sucks.

Also I managed to catch a rhinovirus from the instructor for my AP Calculus training this week, but fortunately it's not a bad one - I just need to stay away from people for another couple of days so as not to get anyone else sick.


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