Jan. 24th, 2016

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This satsuma marmalade recipe works quite well. In fact, it works when tripled, although the time it takes to reach 220 degrees in my gigantic stockpot was closer to two and a quarter hours than 30-45 minutes.

In other news, I now have two jars of marmalade, and the dear friends who rented a house with a satsuma tree in the backyard now have twelve. They did not learn how to make and can marmalade, however, because they (a) weren't here last night for the part that involved two hours of chopping tangerines and lemons, picking out a billion seeds, and shredding tangerine and lemon peels; and (b) managed to miss the three hours of stirring a boiling stockpot of dismembered satsumas and lemons with sugar because their car broke down. Given that part of the purpose of this exercise was to teach J. how to make marmalade, this was not entirely a success.

Oh, and since they weren't here when I was jarring and then boiling-water processing the jars, I had to buy a flat of jam jars from Bullseye, and they now have an extra flat. They have strongly hinted that they now expect me to teach them how to make fig preserves when their fig tree sets fruit. Oy.

At least I got my two jars and the leftover satsumas out of it. I am vaguely contemplating making a second (much smaller) batch with the leftover satsumas and steeping some cloves, cinnamon, and vanilla bean in it during the soaking process. If I do, though, it'll be a few days, as I now have to do everything else I'd planned to do today tomorrow.


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